Publication of the First Chapters from the PIRLS 2021 Technical Report

The first three chapters of the Methods and Procedures: PIRLS 2021 Technical Report are now available.

The Methods and Procedures: PIRLS 2021 Technical Report documents the methods and procedures used to develop and implement the study and to report on the results of this cycle. PIRLS 2021 incorporated two major advances in international reading assessment at the fourth grade, including transitioning from paper to digital assessment and implementing a group adaptive assessment design.

The first three chapters of the technical report detail:

  • The development of the methods for measuring reading achievement for both the digital- and paper-based assessment
  • The PIRLS approach to measuring trends
  • Updates to the context questionnaires that collect information on the various environments where students learn to read, such as home and the classroom
  • The rigorous sample design for the study     

Additional chapters will be posted on the PIRLS 2021 website as they become available.

PIRLS 2021 was the only international large-scale assessment administered against the backdrop of school disruptions and closures due to COVID-19. The launch of the PIRLS 2021 International Report and results will take place on Tuesday, 16 May 2023. For more information, visit the IEA events page.