REDS moves towards international reporting

As most REDS (Responses to Educational Disruption Survey) countries conclude their data collection activities, we are delighted to announce that the official release of the REDS international report and results are planned for 24 January 2022, the UN’s International Day of Education.

REDS is a joint study by IEA, UNESCO and the European Commission's Joint Research Center, created in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, to investigate how teaching and learning were challenged, continued, and adapted during the disruption. 

With five African countries, three each from Asia and Europe, and one from South America, REDS currently spans four continents. While Uganda was unable to collect data by July, due in part to lockdowns, data is available from the other eleven countries and is being cleaned, weighted, and analyzed by the units at IEA Hamburg.

The REDS international report will summarize the study results, and intends to share insights into effective practices in education that can help developing evidence-based policies to strengthen education system resilience, especially during educational disruption. The release event will welcome anyone interested in the REDS finding and further information about the release event will be shared in the fall. 

[Image: Data collection and entry in Burkina Faso]

Posted: 26.07.2021