UIS-IEA Rosetta Stone meeting held in Dakar, Senegal

IEA representatives with colleagues at the Rosetta Stone meeting in Dakar, Senegal

IEA representatives Thierry Rocher (IEA Chair), Oliver Neuschmidt and Juliane Kobelt (Capacity Building team) participated in a meeting with colleagues from UNESCO, CONFEMEN and country representatives to discuss implementing the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) IEA Rosetta Stone project in Senegal, Guinea and Burundi.

TIMSS and PIRLS are recognized by the UNESCO as providing a solid evidence base for countries wanting to measure their progress towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4.1 for quality in education. The aim of the UIS and IEA Rosetta Stone project is to link the results of regional assessments with TIMSS and PIRLS achievement scales, thus making it possible to project the location of each country participating in the regional assessments onto the TIMSS and PIRLS scales, and measure their progress against SDG4 targets.

A team from the National Institute for Study and Action for Development in Education (INEADE) is currently implementing a pre-test of Rosetta Stone material in Senegal. This is in preparation for establishing a link between the PASEC regional assessment (Programme d’Analyse des Systèmes Educatifs de la CONFEMEN) and TIMSS/PIRLS scales.

The UIS and IEA Rosetta Stone initiative is already underway in connection to the Latin American regional assessment, ERCE, implemented by UNESCO Santiago.

Posted: 22.11.2019