Welcome to the 10th IEA International Research Conference

The 10th IEA IRC has officially begun! 

Director of IEA Amsterdam, Andrea Netten, chaired the opening ceremony with warm words of welcome from Educational Research Centre’s Interim CEO and Research Fellow, Aidan Clerkin, IEA Executive Director, Dirk Hastedt, and Assistant Secretary General of Ireland’s Department of Education, Tomás Ó Ruaric. The opening ceremony marked the beginning of an exciting first day filled with innovative sessions and lively discussions.

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Keynote speaker Gerry Shiel from the Educational Research Centre in Dublin, Ireland, provided his perspective on the role that IEA studies have in informing the development of educational policy in literacy and numeracy in Ireland. Following the keynote, all delegates gathered to reflect on and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the IRC. A wonderful milestone to be celebrated, and the excitement around this momentous occasion was felt by all.


Caption (from left to right): Aiden Clerkin, Andrea Netten, Dirk Hastedt, & Gerry Shiel.

Following the keynote, delegates separated into various parallel sessions for presentations that covered multiple themes across the IEA IRC strands: policy, practice, methodology, and IEA studies.

Panel discussion

Caption (from left to right): Franck Salles, Julian Fraillon, Nani Teig, Heiko Sibberns, Qiwei-Britt, Ralph Carstens, & Bethany Fishbein.

We are grateful to all our attendees for their engagement today and look forward to exploring more together over the next two days!


Photo credit: https://purevision.ie/