Release of ICILS 2018 results

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Results of the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) 2018 will be released on 5 November, 2019

The International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) was designed to respond to a question of critical interest today:

How well are students prepared for study, work and life in a digital world?

More than 46,000 students and 26,000 teachers from 12 countries and two benchmarking education systems participated in the study.

This event will mark the first opportunity to hear the results of ICILS 2018 and to discuss their implications for education policy. Hosted by IEA, the event will include presentations of the ICILS 2018 international results (by the international study center at ACER), US National results (by the US national center, NCES) and an interactive panel discussion with leading education and policy experts. Please see our results page for more details about speakers and panelists.


The event is free to attend but advance registration is required. Viewers may also join via webstream, further details will be posted shortly. 


Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington D.C., USA