ICILS 2018

International Computer and Information Literacy Study 2018

ICILS 2018 is directly linked to the previous, 2013 cycle, allowing countries that participated in both assessments to monitor changes over time in their students' computer and information literacy achievement and its teaching and learning contexts. For first-time participants, ICILS sheds light on the contexts and outcomes of ICT-related education programs, and the role of schools and teachers in supporting students’ computer and information literacy achievement.

ICILS 2018 will also report on the computational thinking domain, understood as the process of working out exactly how computers can help us solve problems. This domain includes not only programming but also structuring and manipulating data sets.

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in Melbourne serves as the international study center for ICILS, working in close cooperation with the IEA, and the national centers of participating educational systems.

ICILS 2018 Participants

Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Portugal, Russian Federation (Moscow), Uruguay, and United States.


2015:        Framework revision and instrument development

2016:        Establishment of testing platform, finalization of framework and instruments

2017:        Field trial

2018:        Main survey data collection

2019:        Reporting: Results released on 5 November 2019

Costs of Participating

IEA requires each participating country to cover the costs of the study at the national level (including the costs that will allow their NRC to attend study meetings), and to contribute to the costs of coordinating the study internationally.

IEA study participation fees are quoted in IEA International Currency Units (ICU): half of the total payment is billed in US dollars and half is billed in Euro. The fees are standardised for all participating entities.

For ICILS 2018, the cost of participating is 225,000 ICU (= 112,500 US dollars plus 112,500 Euro). For countries choosing to participate in the optional computational skills module, there is an additional fee of 70,000 ICU (= 35,000 US dollars plus 35,000 Euro).

Please see the document below for full cost details.