Enrollment is open for ICCS 2027

Enrollment is open for ICCS 2027: The largest international, and only dedicated study of civic and citizenship education. 

Since 2009, ICCS has made a substantial contribution to knowledge of civic and citizenship education in schools and understanding of how diverse countries prepare their young people for citizenship by assessing civic knowledge, attitudes, and engagement of eighth-grade students. The University of Bath serves as the International Study Center for ICCS 2027, closely cooperating with IEA and the national centers of participating entities.

Fully digital assessment

ICCS 2027 also completes the study's transition to a fully digital assessment. Given that young people increasingly consume information from digital resources and engage in civic activities through social media, ICCS 2027 will implement a full computer-based assessment that places students in scenarios that reflect these digital contexts.

Evolving scope

Addressing emerging areas of interest and policy priorities is possible as new areas of interest for research are defined in collaboration with participating countries.  

How to enroll in ICCS 2027

Enrollment is open for new and returning countries and subnational entities interested in joining ICCS 2027. For more information and to download the information package, please go to the ICCS 2027 page.