Teachers for Change: Sustainability in the Classroom and Beyond

Following the release of the ICCS 2022 International Report, the latest Teacher Snippet—using ICCS 2022 data and insights—is available.

Authored by Dr. Valeria Damiani, Dr. Bruno Losito, and Dr. Gabriella Agrusti from LUMSA University, the Teacher Snippet delves into a new focus area in ICCS. ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) teaches the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes learners require to take informed actions for the environment and society.

Teachers can find classroom examples relevant for helping students actively practice citizenship and sustainability at school. The data reported also highlights how student-centered learning activities can benefit wider communities.

Read the latest Teacher Snippet here and share it with teachers in your network. If you are interested in adapting the Teacher Snippet please contact l.cheeseman@iea.nl

For more results and insights into ICCS 2022 see the International Report.

About ICCS:

ICCS gathers data from students enrolled in their eighth year of schooling (with the average age of students being 13.5 years or above) and from teachers who teach core school subjects—including civic and citizenship education-related subjects—to eighth-grade students. ICCS 2022 is the third round of the study, which started in 2009.