Book release: IEA Research for Educators Volume 1

Please join us for an online event on 2 June 2022 at 10:00 am CEST to celebrate the release of the first volume in a new IEA book series IEA Research for Educators titled Putting PIRLS to Use in Classrooms Across the Globe.

This first volume, premiering IEA's new open access series targeted to teachers, is based on PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) data and is in collaboration with Expertisecentrum Nederlands and Springer. 

Volume one provides teachers with approaches to strengthen reading comprehension instruction based on scientific research and evidence-based didactic principles. In this book, the Progress in International Reading Study (PIRLS) framework is used to inform teachers about the skills and knowledge that students need to comprehend certain texts. The book gives practical guidance on how a teacher can help students to learn these skills, specifically, when teaching reading to multilingual students.

Good practices from schools in five participating PIRLS countries—Chile, Chinese Taipei, England, Georgia, and Spain—are shared. A description of the schools’ education in reading comprehension is provided with practical tips and example lessons. These insights into daily reading education in multilingual classrooms across the globe can be an inspiration to teachers all over the world.

About the presentation 

To release this unique volume, series editors Paula Koršňáková and Andrea Netten, and author Nicole Swart (one of the four authors of volume one) will present the book in a 50-minute online event on 2 June at 10:00 am CEST, followed by a short Q&A session. They will explain the rationale behind the new IEA Research for Educator Series, introduce volume one and its relevance to teachers, and share IEA’s new online portal Resource for Teachers, where the book and other materials for teachers can be accessed for free.

We look forward to welcoming you! This session will be recorded, and registration is required.

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