IIEP-UNESCO's Using learning assessment data to monitor SDG 4 progress

IIEP-UNESCO Online Specialized Courses Programme (SCP) is planning a training this summer on: Using learning assessment data to monitor SDG 4 progress.

The goal of the course is to analyze the quality of and equality in education, so as to monitor the progress of Sustainable Development Goal 4.

IEA's co-Head of International Studies Unit, Oliver Neuschmidt, will be teaching at the upcoming training on 1 July, and sharing insights into the main features of IEA studies.

This course is designed for staff of ministries of education and planners involved in large-scale surveys aimed at guiding education policies on the quality of education. The participation of female professionals is highly encouraged. More information about the course can be found via the link below.

Image courtesy of IIEP-UNESCO.