1st IEA International Research Conference

1st IRC, 2004

11-13 May 2004, Nicosia, Cyprus

The 1st IEA International Research Conference (IRC-2004) was organized in cooperation with the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus.

The program comprised two invited keynote speakers and several smaller paper sessions. In total, over 65 papers were presented at the IEA IRC-2004, reporting secondary analysis of data from IEA studies including CIVED, PIRLS, SITES, and TIMSS.

The papers of the conference were published in the four-volume Proceedings of the IRC-2004, and can be downloaded below.

Keynote presentations

Hans Wagemaker, IEA Executive Director, "IEA: International studies, impact and transition"  

Richard M. Wolf, Columbia University, United States, "The contribution of IEA to research and education"  

Kontogiannopoulou-Polydorides, Georgia Andritsopoulou, C. Papadopoulou, Georgia Greek conceptions of citizenship and the state role
Papanastasiou, Constantinos Koutselini, Mary Scandinavian students participating in social actions
Gustafsson, Jan-Eric Rosén, Monica The IEA 10-year trend study of reading literacy
Kontogiannopoulou-Polydorides, Georgia Fragoulis, G. Basbas, C. Culturally embedded mapping of students answers in PIRLS items
Martin, Michael O. Mullis, Ina V.S. Gonzalez, Eugenio J. Home environments fostering children's reading literacy
Mullis, Ina V.S. Martin, Michael O. Gonzalez, Eugenio J. International achievement in the processes of reading comprehension
Diepen, Mieke van Verhoeven, L. Aarnoutse, Cor Determinants of reading literacy in industrialized societies
Nachmias, Rafi Mioduser, David Cohen, Anat Tubin, Dorit Forkosh-Baruch, Alona Levels, domains and involved factors
Yuen, Allan H. K. Law, Nancy Chow, Angela Comparing innovations
Birenbaum, Menucha Tatsuoka, Curtis Yamada, Tomoko Diagnostic assessment in TIMSS-R
Campbell, James R. Verna, Marilyn O'Connor-Petruso, Sharon Gender paradigms
Houang, Richard T. Schmidt, William H. Cogan, Leland S. Curriculum and learning gains in mathematics
Japelj-Pavešič, Barbara Korenjak-Černe, Simona Differences in teaching and learning mathematics in classes over the world
Kyriakides, Leonidas Charalambous, Charalambos Extending the scope of analysing data of IEA studies
Ma, Xin Papanastasiou, Constantinos How to begin a new topic in mathematics
Marcoulides, George A. Heck, Ronald H. Papanastasiou, Constantinos Student perceptions of school culture and achievement
Engheta, Canda Mueller Education goals
Papanastasiou, Elena C. Zacharia, Zacharias Zembylas, Michalinos Examining when instructional activities work well in relation to science achievemen
Papanastasiou, Elena C. Zembylas, Michalinos Vrasidas, Charalambos Reexamining patterns of negative computer-use and achievement relationships
Sofianopoulou, Chryssa Ntelikou, Maria Boulamatsis, Dimitris Educational-teaching practices and achievement TIMSS-Mathematics
Suskavcevic, Milijana Blake, Sally Principals' leadership and student achievement
Van Damme, Jan Opdenakker, Marie-Christine Van den Broeck, Ann Do classes and schools have an effect on attitudes towards mathematics
Van den Broeck, Ann Van Damme, Jan Opdenakker, Marie-Christine The effects of student, class and school characteristics on mathematics achievement