The 9th IEA IRC at a Glance

The theme of this year’s IEA International Research Conference (IRC) is Researching Education: Trends and Changes. In the context of IEA studies and secondary analyses of published results, this year’s theme invites discussions among researchers and practitioners around the advancement of explorations and understanding of educational attainment, the roles and needs of education stakeholders, and options for improved education globally.

Event Program 

The 9th IEA IRC will take place in Dubai on 16-18 November 2021 in partnership with the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. Online attendance at the conference will also be possible for those unable to travel.

The quality of submissions received this year was incredibly high (resulting in a very low submission rejection rate of 8%), and IEA thanks everyone who submitted a proposal. The number of submissions has allowed us to fill each strand and run four sessions in parallel throughout the conference, which will revolve around one or more of the following:

• Methodology and analytical advancement in IEA studies (for example, research trends)

• Policy implications of IEA data

• Practices of using IEA data for evaluation or development at national and/or regional levels 

• The value of IEA data for learning & teaching practice

Additionally, dedicated sessions will take place, such as ones connected to recent releases of IEA publications, and on-demand, dynamic sessions will also be offered on the virtual platform to ensure all delegates have easy access to the insights provided at the IRC. A detailed 9th IEA IRC program will be published in the coming months.

Bridging Remote and In-person 

A key challenge for this year’s IEA IRC was how to accommodate presenters and attendees from wherever they choose to attend the conference this November. Our synonym for the hybrid is inclusion. We aim to engage all (co)authors and interested participants, no matter their location.

We plan to bridge the remote and in-person aspects of the conference, providing delegates with the opportunity to connect within the time limits we routinely face in IEA’s global endeavors.

Connecting Participants

The goal of the IEA IRC is to provide an international forum for researchers working with IEA data to exchange ideas and information on critical educational issues. The program in Dubai provides ample time to meet with colleagues and acquaintances and continue conversations about educational trends.

Meet like-minded educators and researchers either via the digital platform via 1:1 video call, dedicated networking sessions, and chat functions throughout the sessions. There will also be the opportunity to meet keynote speakers in dedicated Q&A sessions.

Register to Attend the IEA IRC 

We welcome researchers, educators, and policymakers interested in exchanging ideas and information related to working with IEA data. The IEA IRC offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with each other and to share knowledge in a range of different sessions.

Registration for this year’s IEA IRC is open, and the deadline to register is 19 October 2021. To register your attendance, please go to the registration system. If you have any questions, please direct them to