ICCS Influences book released

IEA is pleased to announce the release of a unique research volume: 'Influences of the IEA Civic and Citizenship Education Studies: Practice, Policy, and Research Across Countries and Regions'which reflects on cross-national differences in contemporary research, policy, implementation, and teaching practice in civic education across a wide range of countries in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

This open access book identifies the multiple ways that IEA’s studies of civic and citizenship education (ICCS) have contributed to national and international educational discourse, research, policymaking, and practice. The chapters in the first part of the book cover perspectives from 15 countries, and in the second half of the book chapters reflect on regional issues and opportunities for further research.

To release this unique volume, IEA is hosting a free online book event on Tuesday 1 June and a cost-free three-hour ICCS workshop the following day on 2 June. The purpose of the online launch event is to introduce the book and hear from policy and research voices on the status of civic and citizenship education across countries. Issues concerned with future practice and research will be discussed. 

Download the full open access book below.