Join ICILS 2023!

IEA invites education systems to join the next cycle of our International Computer and Information Literacy Study, ICILS 2023

ICILS assesses how well students are prepared for study, work, and life in a digital world. The study provides countries with reliable, comparable data about young people’s development of 21st century computer and information literacy (CIL) skills. On top of this, ICILS is unique in directly assessing computational thinking (CT) skills of students.

Recent ICILS 2018 results revealed the myth of "digital natives": only 2% of students in ICILS 2018 demonstrated an ability to critically assess information found online. Students need to be taught how to use computers effectively and teachers need support in their use of digital technologies in teaching.

We strongly encourage you to participate in ICILS 2023 and to join the international community of educators interested in assessing, understanding and improving how young people learn in our digital world. Please access the ICILS 2023 information package for further details.

Posted: 17.12.2019