New Special Issue Compass Brief: Missing out on half of the world's potential

Compass 17 UNESCO and IEA

On International Girls in ICT Day, IEA is pleased to publish the 17th issue in the Compass Brief series, written by Juliane Hencke, Dirk Hastedt, and Ana Maria Mejia Rodriguez of IEA, and Matthias Eck and Justine Sass of UNESCO’s Section of Education for Inclusion and Gender Equality. Using IEA’s Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2019 data, this Compass Brief explores the relationship between students’ gender, their confidence and achievement in mathematics and science, and their aspirations to pursue careers in these fields.

Girls and boys who have high confidence in mathematics and science are significantly more likely to want to work in these fields than those with low confidence in mathematics. In addition, boys want to pursue a job involving mathematics as adults significantly more than girls of the same achievement level. The Compass Brief provides insights into the implications of gender disparities in mathematics and science fields, including factors such as confidence, achievement, and motivation to pursue STEM careers.

The latest issue of the Compass Brief series is available for translation. Stakeholders within education organizations may translate the brief for further use at a national level. For more information, please contact Laura Cheeseman at

Read the Compass Brief in the link below.