R&D Call Two Awardees

Earlier this year, IEA hosted an open call for the second round of Research & Development proposals, and we are delighted to announce the six projects that have been rewarded with funding.

IEA is pleased to continue the R&D fund which connects to the overall mission of advancing the research and innovation for ILSAs in education. We strive for IEA, the international study centers, and other members of our professional network to remain at the forefront of improvement for technology and methods, as well as to grow our collaboration efforts with more partners around the world.

To that end, this second R&D call was left thematically open so long as the proposal was relevant to the work of IEA. This allowed for a wider range of topics to be submitted.

IEA has selected five proposals at Tier one funding, with projects lasting up to 6 months and receiving up to 50,000 EUR, and one at Tier two, with the project lasting up to 12 months and receiving up to 100,000 EUR.

The R&D Call Two awardees are:

  • Automatic Scoring of Text Responses in Multilingual Assessment Data

Lead researcher: Hyo Jeong Shin, Sogang University (formerly of ETS)

  • Challenging the Design Principle of Mixed-Worded Questionnaire Scales

Lead researcher: Isa Steinmann, OsloMet (formerly of CEMO)

  • Credible Assumptions for Bound Estimation (CABE): Studying School-level Nonresponse within a Partial Identification Framework

Lead researcher: Diego Cortes, IEA

  • Improving Data in Electronic Surveys (IDES)

Lead researcher: Rolf Strietholt, IEA

  • Improving Parental Occupation Coding Procedures with AI

Lead researcher: Daniel Duckworth, IEA

  • Interpretable and Accurate Scaling in Large-Scale Assessment: A Variable Selection Approach to Latent Regression

Lead researcher: Yunxiao Chen, London School of Economics and Political Science

Congratulations to the awardees!

IEA looks forward to continuing the advancement of research in education through another R&D call in 2023. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Further information on the Research and Development fund and the selected proposals can be found in this article in the IEA Insider.