Publications and Editorial Committee

The Publications and Editorial Committee (PEC) provides expert review and guidance to ensure the high quality of IEA publications. Members of PEC have considerable experience with educational assessment and IEA studies, and are involved at all stages of the publication process.


Dr Seamus Hegarty

Honorary Member of IEA, Chair of the PEC

Dr John Ainley

Principal Research Fellow, ACER

Professor Rainer Lehmann

Honorary Member of IEA and former Professor of Educational Research and Research Methods, Humboldt University, Berlin (retired

Professor Fou-Lai Lin

Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University

Dr Marlaine Lockheed

Lecturer of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Sarah Maughan

Director of Research, AlphaPlus Consultancy Ltd.

Dr Carina Omoeva

Director of Education Policy and Data Center

Dr Elena Papanastasiou

Associate Dean at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Valena Plisko

Private Consultant, formerly with the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education

Dr Jonathan Plucker

Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development, School of Education, Johns Hopkins University

Professor Fernando Reimers

Ford Foundation Professor of Practice in International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Dr David Rutkowski

Associate Professor at Indiana University

Professor Jouni Välijärvi

Professor Emeritus, Finnish Institute for Educational Research
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Dr Hans Wagemaker

Senior Advisor and Honorary Member of IEA