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Klemenčič Mirazchiyski, Eva GA60 ICCS Impact Volume Publication(s) 2019
IEA 60 years of IEA 1958 - 2018 2018 IEA
IRC 2013 Conference Program 2013 IEA
Toots, Anu GA52_Estonia in CIVED & ICCS 2011
IRC 2010 Conference Program 2010 IEA
Zhang, Ting, Torney-Purta, Judith Assessing student's cognitive content and process skills in IEA CIVED 2010
Torney-Purta, Judith, Wilkenfeld, Britt Experience in civic education classrooms associated with students' achievement and engagement in three post-communist countries 2010
Toots, Anu , Idnurm, Tõnu Does the context matter? Attitudes towards multiculturalism amongst Russian students in Estonia, Latvia and Russian Federation 2010
Schulz, Wolfram, Fraillon, Julian, Ainley, John, Van-de-gaer, Eva Explaining differences in civic knowledge across 38 countries 2010
Schulz, Wolfram, Ainley, John, Van-de-gaer, Eva Preparedness for active citizenship among lower secondary students in international comparison 2010
Homana, Gary, Croninger, Robert, Torney-Purta, Judith Adolescent civic engagement in Australia and the United States 2010
Čekse, Ireta, Geske, Andrejs, Kangro, Andris The influence of the education reforms in Latvia on the quality of civic education and democracy in the teaching/learning process 2010
Barber, Carolyn, Torney-Purta, Judith, Fennelly, Katherine Adolescents' attitudes toward immigrants' rights and nationalism in 25 countries 2010
Schulz, Wolfram, Fraillon, Julian, Ainley, John, Losito, Bruno, Kerr, David Indagine Internazionale sull'Educazione Civica e alla Cittadinanza 2009: Quadro di riferimento 2010 INVALSI
Schulz, Wolfram, Fraillon, Julian, Ainley, John, Losito, Bruno, Kerr, David Estudio Internacional sobre Educación Cívica y Ciudadana 2009: Marco de la evaluación 2010 Instituto de Evaluación
Schulz, Wolfram, Ainley, John, Fraillon, Julian, Kerr, David, Losito, Bruno Initial Findings from the IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2010 IEA
IRC 2008 Conference Program 2008 IEA
Wilkenfeld, Britt An ecological systems approach to the civic education and engagement of adolescents 2008
Isac, Maria Magdalena, Van Der Werf, M.P.C. Effective civic education 2008
Hoskins, Bryony, Villalba, Ernesto, Van Nijlen, Daniel, Barber, Carolyn Measuring civic competence in Europe 2008
Fraillon, Julian Constructing a described achievement scale for the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2008
De Groof, Saskia, Elchardus, Mark, Franck, Eva, Kavadias, Dimokritos The influence of civic knowledge versus democratic school experiences on ethnic tolerance of adolescents 2008
Torney-Purta, Judith, Barber, Carolyn Henry, Wilkenfeld, Britt Latino adolescents' civic development in the United States: Research results from the IEA Civic Education Study 2007
IRC 2006 Proceedings Vol2 2007 IEA
IEA The Second IEA International Research Conference 2007 IEA
Pizmony-Levy, Oren Sociological perspectives on youth support for social movements 2006
Lehmann, Rainer Predicting the political involvement of European adolescents 2006
Ichilov, Orit Civic knowledge of high-school students in Israel 2006
Hooghe, Marc, Wilkenfeld, Britt Political attitudes and behaviors across adolescence and early adulthood 2006
Homana, Gary, Greene, Jeff Student government and voluntary organizations 2006
Homana, Gary, Barber, Carolyn School climate for citizenship education 2006
Barber, Carolyn Teachers' practices in relation to students' civic engagement in three countries 2006
Husfeldt, Vera, Barber, Carolyn, Torney-Purta, Judith Students’ Social Attitudes and Expected Political Participation 2005 CEDARS
Sibberns, Heiko IEA Civic Education Study User Guide for the International Database 2005 IEA
Torney-Purta, Judith An overview of secondary analysis of the IEA Civic Education Study, its impact and directions for the future 2004
Schagen, Ian Further statistical analysis of the IEA civics data to investigate attitudes to citizenship in England 2004
Papanastasiou, Constantinos, Koutselini, Mary Scandinavian students participating in social actions 2004
Mellor, Suzanne National assessment of civic and citizenship education outcomes in Australia 2004
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Kangro, Andris Latvia's results in IEA Civic Education Study 2004
Ichilov, Orit Becoming citizens in Israel 2004
Husfeldt, Vera Negative attitudes towards immigrants 2004
Barber, Carolyn Henry A cross-national analysis of the relation of educational trust to expected educational attainment 2004
Geske, Andrejs Influence of contextual factors on student achievements in mathematics, science and civic knowledge in Latvia 2004
Cheong, Yuk Fai Analysis of differential item functioning in comparative education studies 2004
Bruun, Jens, Johansen, Jens Interpreting civic aspects at school class level in Denmark 2004
Allerup, Peter Measuring civic aspects on class level 2004
Wagemaker, Hans IEA 2004
IEA Civic Education Study Technical Report 2004 IEA
Richardson, Wendy Klandl Connecting political discussion to civic engagement: The role of civic knowledge, efficacy and context for adolescents 2003