60 Years of IEA

60 Years of IEA

Since 1958, IEA has led the way in conducting worldwide comparative studies of educational achievement. During this time, IEA has created an international network of colleagues and friends who are committed to researching education to improve learning.

Our celebratory booklet, 60 Years of IEA 1958-2018, presents a collection of memories and experiences from some of the people who have shaped IEA's past and who continue to lead our work. It provides an overview of the key milestones in IEA's history and an insight into what makes the IEA family such a vibrant and global community. We hope that you will enjoy this insight into IEA's past and present.

We are also pleased to share the complete texts of the essay contributions highlighted in the booklet:

1) Stories of ICILS by Julian Fraillon

2) Germany's participation in the International Reading Literacy Study of 1990/91 at a turning point of history by Rainer Lehmann

3) Stories of associations with TIMSS NRCs, NRC meetings and more by Frederick K.S. Leung

4) Witnessing milestones of large-scale surveys by Knut Schwippert

5) Unforgettable encounters with the changing world of IEA, 1963-2008 by Jack Schwille