ICCS 2nd National Research Coordinator meeting

International experts in civic education met at LUMSA University in Rome from Monday 20th May to Thursday 23rd May to develop the 3rd cycle of the IEA’s International Civic and Citizenship Study 2022. ICCS is now the world’s longest running international civic education study, reporting on levels of students’ civic knowledge, their understanding of concepts and issues related to civics and citizenship, as well as their civic attitudes and engagement. 

The meeting came in the run-up to the European Parliament elections. Some of the students who took part in the last cycle of ICCS in 2016 will head to the voting booth for the very first time in these elections.  

IEA is pleased to have secured funding from the European Commission, to support the participation of more European countries in ICCS 2022. This will give us an even better picture of how young people see citizenship issues, and what they have learnt in their civic education.  At the meeting, National Research Coordinators from participating education systems planned the study’s assessment framework, as well as the student, teacher, and school questionnaires. 

Around 30 education systems have already signed up to the new cycle of ICCS, with representatives from more than 20 joining the meeting in Rome.

Posted: 21.05.2019