IEA Updates December 2022

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IEA Study Updates | December 2022

ICCS 2022

The main data collection is complete in all participating countries of IEA's ICCS (International Civic and Citizenship Education Study) 2022. At a very exciting stage of the project, IEA Hamburg colleagues are now busy processing the data from countries to prepare for the international reporting and data release in 2023/2024. The fifth ICCS 2022 NRC meeting will take place in Madrid from 6-9 March 2023. At this meeting, we will discuss the outcomes of scaling and analysis of ICCS 2022 main survey data and plan for the reporting of study results.


ICILS 2023

Despite the challenges encountered during the ICILS (International Computer and Information Literacy Study) 2023 field trial, this stage of the study has concluded. The field trial data analysis was presented to countries at the fourth NRC Meeting, which took place as an in-person meeting in September 2022. The ICILS main survey instruments were finalized and released to countries based on feedback from the NRCs (National Research Coordinators). Main survey preparations are now fully underway. Adaptation and translation verification is in progress, and training for the main survey field operations took place virtually for Northern Hemisphere countries in November. 


PIRLS 2021

A collaborative decision was made between IEA, the TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center at Boston College, and PIRLS 2021 NRCs to postpone the international release of PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) 2021 results from the end of this year to 16 May 2023. This decision will ensure that an integrated report, analyzing both paper and digital results together, is provided to all PIRLS-participating countries prior to the 2023 international release date. The PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia was released in November, providing insights into participating countries' education systems and reading curricula.

TIMSS 2023

TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) 2023 field test data collection and analysis were successfully completed. The TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center at Boston College and IEA are now busy preparing for the main data collection. TIMSS 2023 will feature context questionnaire items that aim to assess the environmental attitudes and behaviors of students, and a supplement to the TIMSS 2023 assessment framework was released in November describing the expansion of the questionnaires. The first TIMSS Longitudinal NRC meeting took place virtually on Thursday, 8 December, signaling the start of the longitudinal study.


Haiti Project

The IEA Capacity Building Team supports the Haitian Ministry of Education (MENPF) in a further administration of Haiti's National Evaluation Program. Support on technical aspects such as preparing the test administration, delivering data entry software, and related codebooks is given. Due to a humanitarian situation in Haiti, not all targeted schools are accessible, and subsequent data entry and verification procedures are delayed. Our partners are currently doing their utmost to retrieve the remaining assessment documents. Reporting is expected to be finalized in March 2023.



In October, IEA Hamburg released the second KWiK (Continuity and Change in Schools in Times of Crisis) brochure summarizing the main findings from the second survey within IEA's national COVID study. Data analysis will soon begin for the third survey, in which approximately 200 school principals and 1,000 teachers have recently participated.



Recruitment and preparations are underway for a special administration of LaNA (Literacy and Numeracy Assessment), aiming to link the LaNA results to the TIMSS and PIRLS achievement scales. Currently, five education systems from different regions are committed to participating in the LaNA Linking Study: Burkina Faso, Guyana, Nigeria, Palestine, and Senegal. A one-day practice administration is scheduled for April to May 2023, and the main data collection is planned for October to November 2023. International reporting is expected for October 2024. Enrollment for the LaNA Linking Study remains open until 31 December 2022. Further information about the special administration can be found on the IEA website.



Since the last update, IEA Hamburg colleagues have prepared for the start of the new fifth-grade cohort within NEPS (National Educational Panel Study)Germany's biggest longitudinal study in the educational field. The first measuring point with over 300 schools started with data collection in October and will continue until the end of January 2023. The start of the new fifth-grade cohort marks the successive transition from paper to computer-based assessment.


TALIS 2024

TALIS (OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey 2024) is preparing for the field trial, which is scheduled to take place in February and March 2023. In August, the International Study Center successfully conducted the in-person NPM (National Project Manager) Meeting and Data Management Training in Hamburg. Field trial instruments were released within IEA StudyExpert at the beginning of September. Preparations are currently ongoing, with adaptation and translation verification activities in progress.


TALIS Starting Strong Germany

IEA Hamburg has successfully applied for the national section of the TALIS Starting Strong Study 2024. The open tender for this exciting project was published in August by DJI (Deutsche Jugendinstitut). The team is preparing the field trial and will start recruiting the sampled kindergartens in Germany.