Join TIMSS Longitudinal Study

Countries participating in TIMSS 2023 are now invited to participate in the optional TIMSS Longitudinal Study, based on TIMSS 2023. This special opportunity follows the discussions at last year’s IEA General Assembly and the survey feedback collected at the end of last year from countries on this TIMSS longitudinal option.

New data collected in the TIMSS Longitudinal Study will provide an update to the now more than 20-year-old estimate of differences in achievement learning between grades or over a school year. Whereas TIMSS 1995 tested different student cohorts at two adjacent grades, this longitudinal option will follow the same cohort over one year. The objective is to provide highly valuable information by following a longitudinal design to disentangle cohort and grade effects and to investigate learning gains over one year. Describing the learning gains and how they relate to contextual variables provides deeper insights into education systems by enriching what is possible to learn from cross-sectional studies. As a result, research can draw more robust inferences about successful practices observed in education systems.

Preparation of the longitudinal option will begin in parallel to the current cycle of the study, TIMSS 2023. Countries interested in participating in the longitudinal option are requested to confirm their participation with IEA Amsterdam by no later than 31 March 2022. For additional information, please see the full TIMSS Longitudinal Study Introductory Package. If you have any questions about participating in the TIMSS Longitudinal Study or if you would like to receive the draft participation agreement, please contact Dr Andrea Netten, Director of IEA Amsterdam (

Posted: 02.02.2022