ICCS Influences Online Book Launch and Workshop | Speakers

1 June 2021 - 2 June 2021

At this two-day online book event, we introduce the book, Influences of the IEA Civic and Citizenship Education Studies: Practice, Policy, and Research Across Countries and Regions. Invited speakers from policy and research perspectives will discuss the status of civic and citizenship education across countries, and issues concerned with future practice and research will be discussed.

Speakers and panelists - Tuesday, 01 June
Expert Panelist: Dr Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz, IEA Honorary Member

Dr Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz has played an integral role in developing IEA's civic and citizenship education studies as a member of the CIVED steering committee and ICCS Project Advisory Committee. She holds a Ph.D. in social sciences from the University of Warsaw, where she taught social and developmental psychology and conducted research on socialization, interpersonal and inter-group conflict, and aggression. In addition, Barbara acted as Manager of Membership Relations at IEA Amsterdam from 1996-2013 and has lectured at universities in the Netherlands and United States.

Expert Panelist: Dr Judith Torney-Purta, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland

Dr Judith Torney-Purta is the Professor Emerita of the Human Development University of Maryland, College Park (USA), and holds a Doctorate from the University of Chicago. Dr Torney-Purta authored Civic Education in Ten Countries: An Empirical Study (IEA, 1975). Twenty years later, IEA invited her to chair the collaboration resulting in the CIVED study - Citizenship and Education in Twenty-Eight Countries at Age Fourteen (2001). Dr Torney-Purta is a Member of the ICCS Planning Committee and an Honorary Member of IEA’s General Assembly.

Expert Panelist: Dr Anke Munniksma, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam

Dr Anke Munniksma is affiliated with the Research Institute Child Development & Education at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) since 2014. Anke has worked as the National Research Coordinator for the Netherlands’ contribution to the International Civics and Citizenship Education Study 2016. Her research focuses on the social development of youth in ethnically diverse societies and how social and societal competencies are related to youth's social contexts, aspects of citizenship education, and adolescents' peer relations.

Expert Panelist: Dr Eva Klemenčič Mirazchiyski, Head, Centre for Applied Epistemology, Educational Research Institute Slovenia

Dr Eva Klemenčič Mirazchiyski is head of the Centre for Applied Epistemology at the Educational Research Institute in Slovenia. She is the National Research Coordinator of several IEA international large-scale student assessments; one is ICCS. She edits and co-authors textbooks for compulsory subjects in Civic and Citizenship Education. Furthermore, Eva acts as a representative of Slovenia in the General Assembly of the IEA.

Expert Panelist: Dr Michael Remmert, Head of the Education Policy Division, Council of Europe

Dr Michael Remmert is the Head of the Education Policy Division of the Council of Europe (CoE). He joined in 1994, initially working in the field of social cohesion. Michael manages and supervises the three pillars of the intergovernmental Education program - Competencies for Life in Democracy, including Digital Citizenship Education; Inclusive Approaches to Education, including Language Education Policy; and Ethics and Integrity in Education. In addition, Michael oversees the Steering Committee for Education Policy and Practice (CDPPE) activities to develop and implement the Education program.

Speaker: Ms Mónika Képe-Holmberg, Head of Evidence-Based Policy and Evaluation, European Commission

Ms Mónika Képe-Holmberg is Head of Evidence-based policy and evaluation at the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture at the European Commission. She is responsible for developing and analyzing evidence to better inform the EU's policy-making in dialogue with international organizations. Mónika has worked in Brussels for over 20 years in the areas of education, training, and employment. She holds degrees in economics, business administration, and European studies.

Speaker: Dr Dirk Hastedt, IEA Executive Director

Dr Dirk Hastedt is the Executive Director of IEA. He oversees IEA's operations, studies, and services, and drives the IEA's overall strategic vision. Moreover, he develops and maintains strong relationships with member countries, researchers, policymakers, and other key players in the education sector. Dirk also serves as co-editor in chief of the IEA-ETS Research Institute (IERI) journal 'Large-scale Assessments in Education.'

Discussion Panel Moderator: Dr Seamus Hegarty, Chair, Publications Editorial Committee, IEA

Dr Seamus Hegarty is a Visiting Professor at the University of Warwick, an Adjunct Professor at University College Dublin, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, who has served as IEA Chair from 2005-12. He currently chairs the IEA’s Publications and Editorial Committee, which is responsible for the quality assurance of IEA publications. A prolific writer of books, papers, and reports, he has edited academic journals for over 40 years.

Speakers - Wednesday, 02 June
Presenter: Dr Andrés Sandoval-Hernández, Reader, University of Bath

Dr Andrés Sandoval-Hernández is a Reader in Educational Research at the University of Bath. Prior to that, he worked as Head of the Research and Analysis Unit at IEA and held different academic appointments at Universidad Iberoamericana and the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO). His research interests include comparative analyses of educational systems using large-scale assessment data, focusing on educational inequalities and civic education.

Presenter: Mr David Bleckley, Data Project Manager, University of Michigan

Mr David Bleckley is a Data Project Manager at the University of Michigan’s ICPSR, having joined the organization in 2014. He has managed the Civic Learning, Engagement, and Action Data Sharing (CivicLEADS) project for five years. David has over 15 years of experience collecting, analyzing, and curating data. He is passionate about facilitating data access for communities, practitioners, and researchers and using data to dismantle racism, injustice, and inequality.

Presenter: Dr Wolfram Schulz, Principal Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research

Dr Wolfram Schulz is the Principal Research Fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research. He has high-level experience as a study leader of large-scale assessments in education programs. As an author of numerous publications about international and national research studies, he enjoys high academic credibility among experts in the field of international comparative research. He holds a Diploma in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin and a Ph.D. from the University of Rostock. His areas of research interest include civic and citizenship education, computer information literacy, and assessment methodology.

Illustrations are created by Florence Dailleux from Thinkpen Graphic Recording.