4th IEA International Research Conference

4th IRC, 2010

1-3 July 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden

The 4th IEA International Research Conference (IRC-2010) was organized in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg and the University of Oslo.

Conference program

The conference program comprised papers related to several IEA studies: CIVED, ICCS, PIRLS, SITES, TEDS-M, TIMSS, and TIMSS Advanced.

The conference was preceded on 29–30 June 2010 by three workshops: "Introduction to IEA Databases and IDB Analyzer," "Using HLM with Large-Scale Assessment Data," and "Assessment Designs, Item Response Theory, and Proficiency Estimates."

Barber, Carolyn Torney-Purta, Judith Fennelly, Katherine Adolescents' attitudes toward immigrants' rights and nationalism in 25 countries
Homana, Gary Croninger, Robert Torney-Purta, Judith Adolescent civic engagement in Australia and the United States
Schulz, Wolfram Fraillon, Julian Ainley, John Van-de-gaer, Eva Explaining differences in civic knowledge across 38 countries
Foy, Pierre Martin, Michael O. Mullis, Ina V.S. The limits of measurement
Jakubowski, Maciej Pokropek, Artur Reading achievement growth across countries
Milek, Anne Stubbe, Tobias C. Trautwein, Ulrich Luedtke, Oliver Maaz, Kai Reference group effects on teachers' school track recommendations
Stanco, Gabrielle M. Martin, Michael O. Mullis, Ina V.S. Examining the components of linking error of trend estimation in PIRLS
Van Staden, Surette Howie, Sarah J. Reading between the lines
Alivernini, Fabio Palmerio, Laura Vinci, Emanuela Di-Leo, Ines An analysis of factors affecting pupils' science achievement in Italy
Drent, M. Meelissen, Martina R. M. Van-der-Kleij, F.M. The contribution of TIMSS to theories of educational effectiveness
Stubbe, Tobias C. Buddeberg, Magdalena Poverty and school achievement
Sturman, Linda Lin, Yin TIMSS 2007 secondary analysis