IEA Compliance Commitment

At IEA, we prioritize integrity and adherence to regulations. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of compliance across all aspects of our operations. Detailed below is IEA’s comprehensive approach to ensuring compliance, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to transparency and ethical practices. The formal document consolidate IEA's existing internal practices, in compliance with the national laws of the Netherlands and Germany.

IEA Code of Conduct

At IEA, we uphold a strict code of conduct that guides our actions and decisions. We expect the same level of commitment from our partners, as integrity and ethical practices are fundamental to our collaborations. The Code of Conduct outlines our principles and standards in detail. Together, we strive to foster a culture of integrity and accountability in all our endeavours.

You can read our Code of Conduct Policy here. 

IEA Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy

IEA is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethics. We have zero tolerance toward fraud and corruption in any form and expect the same level of commitment from our partners. Below, you can review our comprehensive policy on fraud and corruption prevention, which outlines our proactive measures to prevent and address fraudulent activities, as well as encourages reporting of suspected instances of fraud and corruption. Together, we strive to create a transparent and trustworthy environment in all our interactions.

Read our Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy here

IEA Whistleblower Protection Policy

In compliance with national laws of the Netherlands and Germany and our commitment to accountability and transparency, IEA has established an internal reporting channel. This channel provides a secure and confidential platform for employees and stakeholders to report any concerns or misconduct they encounter.

The reporting channel is available here.

Additionally, a Whistleblower Protection Policy is in place to safeguard those who speak up in good faith. We believe that fostering an open and transparent environment is essential for upholding our values and maintaining the trust of our community.

You can read our Whistleblower Protection Policy here.

Data Protection and Information Security

All countries participating in IEA studies (TIMSS, PIRLS, ICCS, ICILS, LaNA, and REDS) are required to inform the study participants about the processing of their personal data. To assist countries participating in IEA studies, IEA provides DPD (Data Protection Declarations) templates to National Research Coordinators so that they may prepare, translate, and adapt national versions.

Once adapted to the national context, the DPD must be published on the website of the National Research Center conducting the study. The DPD must also be provided to the study participants (school principals, teachers, students, and parents) along with the study survey and questionnaire documents.

In addition to publishing the DPD online, IEA advises countries to include a link to the document in a cover letter containing the login details for the study assessment or questionnaire documents. Alternatively, countries may provide the DPD in paper format along with the cover letter of the study assessment and questionnaire documents. With either method, please add a reference to the DPD document in the directions of the study assessment and questionnaire documents.

The DPD templates can be accessed below.

IEA’s Technical and Organizational Measures are available here.


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