ICILS 2023

International Computer and Information Literacy Study 2023

Following the previous ICILS cycles (2013 and 2018), ICILS 2023 will address a question of critical interest today: How well are students prepared for study, work and life in a digital world?

The study measures international differences in students’ computer and information literacy (CIL): their ability to use computers to investigate, create, participate and communicate at home, at school, in the workplace and in the community. Participating countries also have an option for their students to complete an assessment of computational thinking (CT) and approaches to writing software programs and applications.

Why Participate in ICILS 2023?

Over the past four decades, ICT has had profound impact on our daily lives, work and social interactions. ICILS deals with the core knowledge, skills and understanding students need to succeed in this dynamic information environment. Participating in ICILS will provide countries with reliable, comparable data about young people’s development of 21st century CIL skills.

The study helps countries to monitor their own national targets regarding students’ digital competences and also provides information for monitoring progress toward the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Furthermore, ICILS data is recognized as an official EU target by the European Council and EU Member States to support strategic priorities towards the European Education Area and beyond (2021-2030). 

ICILS supports countries to make informed decisions about how best to prepare students for life in an age of constantly evolving digital technologies. The study helps countries to understand how digital technologies are used in classrooms and their impact on teaching methods to develop CIL skills. It also provides evidence of how students’ CIL (and CT skills) relate to out-of-school contexts that support learning.

ICILS 2023 Participants

Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium (Flemish), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany (with North Rhine-Westphalia as a benchmarking entity), Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United States, and Uruguay.


March 2020

1st meeting of National Research Coordinators (NRCs)

2020 - mid 2021

Framework revision, establishment of testing platform and instrument development

May - June 2021

Pilot (optional)

February - March 2022

Field trial

February - May 2023

Main survey data collection in Northern Hemisphere countries

September - November 2023

Main survey data collection in Southern Hemisphere countries

November 2024

Publication of the results

March 2025

Launch of a public-use database and documentation

How to Participate in ICILS 2023

For country enrollment, please contact IEA  Amsterdam Director, Dr Andrea Netten.

Detailed information about ICILS 2023, costs and timelines involved are available in the information package and formal invitation letter below.