IEA, UNESCO and EC Launch Call for Funding for new Study

UNESCO and IEA are seeking support from donor organizations that might be interested in helping countries with participation costs associated to REDS.

IEA partners with RM Results to deliver online TIMSS assessment

IEA has chosen RM Assessment Master to deliver on-screen testing as part of TIMSS 2023.

IEA joins UNESCO's Global Education Coalition

The challenges to education caused by COVID-19 call for innovation, partnership & solidarity. That’s why we have teamed up with UNESCO to support countries and ensure that #LearningNeverStops.

Latest IEA Compass Brief now online

A new IEA Compass Brief on civic knowledge and tolerance toward immigrants in Europe has now been published, based on ICCS data.

More Than Half of Classrooms Were Too Full Before Coronavirus: IEA Delivers Important Reminder to Policy Makers

New analysis of data from IEA’s Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study has raised worrying questions about how effectively schools will be able to maintain a degree of social distancing when they reopen

Join TIMSS 2023!

Enrollment is now open for education systems interested in participating in TIMSS 2023.

Did Young People Already Expect a Pandemic? Surprising Insights from IEA Data

New analysis by IEA has given a fascinating insight into the proportion of young people who thought that an infectious disease, like COVID-19, was a threat to humanity, and how students in some parts of the world were far more concerned than others.

What Can IEA Data Reveal About Socio-Economic Status and the Ability to Study at Home?

New analysis of IEA data from the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) continues to shed light on the relationship between socio-economic status and the availability of digital devices in the home.

vCIES presentation on the Haitian National Evaluation 2017

A presentation from IEA's capacity building team for vCIES 2020 sharing insights on the Haiti National Evaluation 2017, followed by some background information on public and private schooling.

Rosetta Stone project moves ahead in Burundi

Following the disruption of data collection activities in Senegal in March due to COVID-19, IEA is delighted to see that the Burundian PASEC Rosetta team has been able to successfully and safely administer data collection for a second week in a row.