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IEA ICILS 2018 2 months to go press release 2019 IEA
Michaelides, Michalis P., Brown, Gavin T. L., Eklöf, Hanna, Papanastasiou, Elena C. Motivational Profiles in TIMSS Mathematics 2019 Springer
Mughogho, Kondwani Kajera An Application of PRMSE to Evaluate Subscale Score Value in TIMSS 2015 Fourth Grade Mathematics 2019
Daus, Stephan Norwegian Science Teachers' Content Coverage in Middle School: Patterns and Factors 2019
IEA IEA Updates: July 2019 2019 IEA
Benavot, Aaron How can IEA make a difference in measuring and monitoring learning in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development? 2019 IEA
Benavot, Aaron, Romero-Celis, Treisy June 2019: Promoting effective mathematics teaching. Analyzing teacher enactment of grade 8 mathematics curricula using TIMSS data 2019 IEA
Neidorf, Teresa, Arora, Alka, Erberber, Ebru, Tsokodayi,Yemurai, Mai, Thanh Student Misconceptions and Errors in Physics and Mathematics: Exploring Data from TIMSS and TIMSS Advanced: Supplementary materials 2019 IEA
IEA RandA workshops brochure 2019 IEA
Public Benefit Organization’s (ANBI) Information_Foundation 2019
Public Benefit Organization’s (ANBI) information_Association 2019
IEA International study participation fees ICCS 2022 2019 IEA
Burroughs, Nathan, Gardner, Jacqueline, Lee, Youngjun, Guo, Siwen, Touitou, Israel, Jansen, Kimberly, Schmidt, William H. Teaching for Excellence and Equity 2019 Springer
Broer, Markus, Bai, Yifan, Fonsesca, Frank Socioeconomic Inequality and Educational Outcomes 2019 Springer
IEA Call for proposals 11: IEA Research for Education Series 2019 IEA
IEA New Insights into Primary Education in Haiti 2019 IEA
Fraillon, Julian, Ainley, John, Schulz, Wolfram, Duckworth, Daniel, Friedman, Tim ICILS 2018 Assessment Framework 2019 IEA
Мавродиева, Марина Резултати от участието на България в Международното изследване на уменията по четене PIRLS 2016 на учениците от 4. клас 2019
Prusinski, Ellen, Hastedt, Dirk, Dohr, Sandra February 2019: Do both boys and girls feel safe at school - and does it matter? Academic achievement and feelings of safety: a closer look at gender and grade level differences. 2019 IEA
IEA Tasks of the NRC and national center in IEA studies 2019 IEA
ICCS 2016 Technical Report 2018 IEA
Conde, Silvia, Luna, María Eugenia, Sánchez Alvarez, Citlalli, Melendez-Irigoyen, Maria Teresa Estudio Internacional de Educación Cívica y Ciudadana: Cívica 2016 2018 Instituto Nacional para la Evaluación de la Educación
IEA International study participation fees PIRLS 2021 2018 IEA
IEA IEA Mission and Objectives 2018 IEA
PIRLS 2021 Flyer 2018 Boston College
Kuang, Xiaoxue Alienated and disaffected students: The civic capacity of ‘Outsiders’ in cross cultural contexts 2018
IEA ICILS 2023 flyer 2018 IEA
Reichert, Frank, Chen, Jiaxin, Torney-Purta, Judith Profiles of adolescents' perceptions of democratic classroom climate and students' influence 2018
Klemenčič, Eva GA59_Invitation to 60th IEA General Assembly 2018
IEA IEA Timeline 1958-2018 2018
IEA IRC 2019 Reviewers 2018 IEA
IEA ICCS 2016 Latin America infographics (Spanish) 2018 IEA
IEA ICCS 2016 Latin American infographics 2018
IEA ICCS 2016 Latin America report press release (Spanish) 2018 IEA
IEA ICCS 2016 Latin America report press release 2018 IEA
Schulz, Wolfram Presentación de resultados regionales de Latinoamérica ICCS 2016 2018 IEA
IEA IRC 2019 guidelines for authors 2018 IEA
IEA 60 years of IEA 1958 - 2018 2018 IEA
Klemenčič, Eva GA59_60th IEA General Assembly 2018
Finlay, Sive GA59_IEA’s Communications and Outreach 2018
Mullis, Ina V.S., Martin, Michael O. GA59_TIMSS 2019 2018
Fraillon, Julian GA59_ICILS 2018 Project Update 2018
Kovaleva, Galina GA59_Lessons learned from PIRLS 2016: The Russian Federation 2018
Mullis, Ina V.S., Martin, Michael O. GA59_PIRLS 2021 20 Years of PIRLS 2018
Elezović, Ines GA59_IEA ICCS 2016 in Croatia 2018
Schulz, Wolfram GA59_International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) Progress report 2018
Мавродиева, Марина Резултати от участието на България в Международното изследване на уменията по математика и природни науки TIMSS 2015 на учениците от 4. клас 2018
Lafontaine, Dominique, Dupont, Virginie, Schillings, Patricia November 2018: Does reading literacy instruction vary according to language or culture? Similarities and differences in English-, German- and French-speaking education systems in PIRLS 2016 2018 IEA
Meinck, Sabine, Stancel-Piatak, Agnes, Verdisco, Aimee September 2018: Preparing the ground: The importance of early learning activities at home for fourth grade student achievement 2018 IEA
Lin, Fou-Lai June 2018: The data makes the difference. How Chinese Taipei used TIMSS data to reform mathematics education 2018 IEA