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Meinck, Sabine, Brese, Falk November 2020: Gender gaps in science are not a given 2020 IEA
IEA IEA Updates October 2020 2020
IEA Call for proposals 12: IEA Research for Education Series 2020
IEA SDG indicators deserve the best methodologies 2020
IEA IEA Insider 2020 2020
Wagemaker, Hans, Ainley, John, Twist, Liz, Schulz, Wolfram, Koršňáková, Paulína, Meinck, Sabine, Musu, Lauren, Becker, Alena, Sibberns, Heiko, von Davier, Matthias, Hegarty, Seamus, Leng Ng, Hui, Rutkowski, David Reliability and Validity of International Large-Scale Assessment 2020 IEA
IEA Declining trends in reading attitudes: were students prepared for literacy at home in the pandemic? 2020
Hastedt, Dirk, Rocher, Thierry September 2020: International large-scale assessments in education: A brief guide 2020 IEA
IEA SEM Workshop Registration Fall 2020 2020
IEA IEA Updates July 2020 2020
IEA Towards resilient education systems – A new joint study launched by UNESCO and IEA 2020
REDS Brochure 2020 IEA
9th IEA International Research Conference 2020 IEA
IEA ICCS 2022 DPD templates 2020
IEA REDS Introductory Package 2020
IEA REDS Invitation Letter 2020
Claes, Ellen, Isac, Maria Magdalena June 2020: Civic knowledge and tolerance toward immigrants in Europe: How similar is the relationship between young people’s civic knowledge and attitudes toward equal rights for immigrants, across European countries? 2020 IEA
IEA SEM Workshop Description Fall 2020 2020
IEA More Than Half of Classrooms Were Too Full Before Coronavirus: IEA Delivers Important Reminder to Policy Makers 2020
IEA Did Young People Already Expect a Pandemic? Surprising Insights from IEA Data 2020
IEA What Can IEA Data Reveal About Socio-Economic Status and the Ability to Study at Home? 2020
Fraillon, Julian, Ainley, John, Schulz, Wolfram, Friedman, Tim, Duckworth, Daniel ICILS 2018 Technical Report 2020 IEA
IEA TIMSS 2023 Invitation Letter 2020
IEA TIMSS 2023 Information Package 2020 IEA
IEA What Can IEA Data Reveal About Hunger and School Performance? 2020
IEA IEA launch new 21CS MAP study 2020
IEA IEA Updates April 2020 2020
21CS Map General flyer 2020 IEA
ICCS General flyer 2020 IEA
ICILS General flyer 2020 IEA
PIRLS General flyer 2020 IEA
TIMSS General flyer 2020 IEA
Hooper, Martin March 2020: Troubling trends: An international decline in attitudes toward reading 2020 IEA
IEA 21CS MAP Information Package 2020 IEA
IEA 21CS MAP Invitation Letter 2020 IEA
IEA IEA Updates January 2020 2020
Fraillon, Julian, Ainley, John, Schulz, Wolfram, Friedman, Tim, Duckworth, Daniel Preparing for life in a digital world 2020 Springer
PIRLS 2021 DPD templates 2020 IEA
Neidorf, Teresa, Arora, Alka, Erberber, Ebru, Tsokodayi,Yemurai, Mai, Thanh Student Misconceptions and Errors in Physics and Mathematics: 2020 IEA
Meyer, Sebastian, Mikheeva, Ekaterina ICILS 2018 User Guide for the International Database 2019 IEA
IEA ICILS 2018 Restricted Use Data Application Form 2019 IEA
Mullis, Ina V.S., Martin, Michael O. PIRLS 2021 Assessment Frameworks 2019 Boston College
Fraillon, Julian GA60_ICILS 2018 Results 2019 IEA
IEA ICILS 2023 information package 2019 IEA
IEA IEA Updates: November 2019 2019 IEA
IEA ICILS 2018 infographics 2019 IEA
IEA ICILS 2018 results press release 2019 IEA
Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres, Miranda, Daniel, Treviño, Ernesto, Schmelkes, Sylvia October 2019: Is democracy overrated? Latin American students' support for dictatorships 2019 IEA
Punter, R. Annemiek Improving the modelling of response variation in international large-scale assessments 2019
Daus, Stephan Profiling and researching TIMSS by introducing a content lens on eighth-grade science (PARTICLES) 2019