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IEA IEA Updates January 2020 2020
Neidorf, Teresa, Arora, Alka, Erberber, Ebru, Tsokodayi,Yemurai, Mai, Thanh Student Misconceptions and Errors in Physics and Mathematics: 2020 IEA
Fraillon, Julian GA60_ICILS 2018 Results 2019 IEA
IEA ICILS 2023 information package 2019 IEA
IEA IEA Updates: November 2019 2019 IEA
Fraillon, Julian, Ainley, John, Schulz, Wolfram, Friedman, Tim, Duckworth, Daniel Preparing for life in a digital world. 2019 IEA
IEA ICILS 2018 infographics 2019 IEA
IEA ICILS 2018 results press release 2019 IEA
Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres, Miranda, Daniel, Treviño, Ernesto, Schmelkes, Sylvia October 2019: Is democracy overrated? Latin American students' support for dictatorships 2019 IEA
Punter, R. Annemiek Improving the modelling of response variation in international large-scale assessments 2019
Daus, Stephan Profiling and researching TIMSS by introducing a content lens on eighth-grade science (PARTICLES) 2019
TIMSS 2019 DPD templates 2019 IEA
PIRLS 2021 DPD templates 2019 IEA
Mullis, Ina V.S., Martin, Michael O. GA60 PIRLS 2021 2019
Elezović, Ines GA60 Invitation to 61st IEA GA 2019
Thomson, Sue GA60 Gender differences in Computer and Information Literacy 2019
Hegarty, Seamus GA60 Publications and IEA Awards 2019
Papanastasiou, Elena C. GA60 Motivational Profiles in TIMSS Mathematics 2019
Provasnik, Stephen GA60 NAEP's transition to digitally based assessments 2019
Ricci, Roberto GA60 FLIP+ a collaborative framework for e-assessment 2019
Finlay, Sive GA60 Communications 2019
Hencke, Juliane GA60 TEMAS: Test Administrator Management System 2019
Klemenčič Mirazchiyski, Eva GA60 ICCS Impact Volume Publication(s) 2019
Kjeldsen, Christian Christrup GA60 Impressions from IRC 2019 2019
Alqataee, Abdullah GA60 Membership application Saudi Arabia 2019
Bundt, Svenja GA60_Data confidentiality matters from a country perspective (Germany) 2019
Provasnik, Stephen GA60_NCES data confidentiality considerations and processes (USA) 2019
Kjeldsen, Christian Christrup GA60 Data confidentiality matters (Denmark) 2019
Hencke, Juliane GA60 Data protection matters, the IEA approach 2019
Fraillon, Julian GA60_ICILS 2023 2019
Schulz, Wolfram GA60_ICCS 2022 progress report 2019
Mullis, Ina V.S., Martin, Michael O. GA60_TIMSS 2019 and 2023 2019
IEA IEA Insider 2019 2019
Hastedt, Dirk The importance of soft and cross-subject skills 2019 IEA
Gebhardt, Eveline, Thomson, Sue, Ainley, John, Hillman, Kylie Gender Differences in Computer and Information Literacy 2019 Springer
IEA ICILS 2018 2 months to go press release 2019 IEA
Michaelides, Michalis P., Brown, Gavin T. L., Eklöf, Hanna, Papanastasiou, Elena C. Motivational Profiles in TIMSS Mathematics 2019 Springer
Mughogho, Kondwani Kajera An Application of PRMSE to Evaluate Subscale Score Value in TIMSS 2015 Fourth Grade Mathematics 2019
Daus, Stephan Norwegian Science Teachers' Content Coverage in Middle School: Patterns and Factors 2019
IEA IEA Updates: July 2019 2019 IEA
Benavot, Aaron How can IEA make a difference in measuring and monitoring learning in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development? 2019 IEA
Benavot, Aaron, Romero-Celis, Treisy June 2019: Promoting effective mathematics teaching. Analyzing teacher enactment of grade 8 mathematics curricula using TIMSS data 2019 IEA
IEA RandA workshops brochure 2019 IEA
Public Benefit Organization’s (ANBI) Information_Foundation 2019
Public Benefit Organization’s (ANBI) information_Association 2019
IEA International study participation fees ICCS 2022 2019 IEA
IEA IEA Strategy 2019 IEA
Burroughs, Nathan, Gardner, Jacqueline, Lee, Youngjun, Guo, Siwen, Touitou, Israel, Jansen, Kimberly, Schmidt, William H. Teaching for Excellence and Equity 2019 Springer
Broer, Markus, Bai, Yifan, Fonsesca, Frank Socioeconomic Inequality and Educational Outcomes 2019 Springer
IEA Call for proposals 11: IEA Research for Education Series 2019 IEA